Episode 7: "The Power of Professional Humility" with Helene Nissen-Lie, PhD

Helene Nissen-Lie is a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Oslo and a practicing psychologist. She participates in a number of research projects in Norway as well as internationally, including collaborations with the University of Sheffield and the University of Chicago. She has published over 50 papers and articles, and her research interests include therapist effects, the therapeutic alliance, mechanisms of change in psychotherapy, and outcomes research, among many others.

In this episode, Bruce talks to Helene about her research and her surprising finding that therapists who expressed more professional self-doubt, which they both agree may be better thought of as “professional humility” end up with better outcomes for their clients. They also talk about some of the applications of measurement-based care and the differences between the Norwegian and American systems of mental-health care.

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