Episode 4: "Multicultural Therapy" with Dr. Jesse Owen

Dr. Jesse Owen
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Dr. Jesse Owen is a Professor in the Counseling Psychology Department at The University of Denver. He is a licensed psychologist with clinical specializations including couple and family therapy and multicultural therapy. He holds various positions including lead psychologist at Lifelong, Inc; Research Director for CelestHealth; Senior Research Advisor for SonderMind; Editor for Psychotherapy. He has co-authored three books: Mindfulness-based practices in therapy: A cultural humility approach; Therapists’ cultural humility; and Research design in counseling. He also has over 180 publications/book chapters. His research focuses on the process and outcomes of psychotherapy with a focus on therapist expertise and multicultural orientation. His research has been supported by foundations, federal agencies, and private companies (e.g., John Templeton Foundation, NIMH, DHHS-ACF, and SonderMind).

In this episode, Bruce and Jesse talk about the Multicultural Orientation to therapy framework, the challenges that minority populations face in accessing quality mental healthcare, and some things therapists can do to better serve a diverse body of clients.

Read about Jesse’s work at The University of Denver and the Society for Psychotherapy Learn about MCO at: https://www.multiculturalorientation.com

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