Episode 5: "Case Formulation and Flexibility" with George Silberschatz, PhD

George Silberschatz, PhD
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George Silberschatz, PhD is a licensed psychologist in San Francisco and has been practicing, teaching, and doing research on psychotherapy for over 40 years. He is a clinical professor in the department of psychiatry at University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, a past president of the North American chapter of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, and a past president of the International Society for Psychotherapy Research. He advocates for grounding practice in scientific evidence, as well as grounding research in clinical reality.

In this episode, Bruce and George talk about the divide between researchers and practitioners of psychotherapy and what the two groups can do to help one another. They also discuss the importance of case formulation, and why flexibility is one of the most important characteristics a therapist can have.

Learn more about George and his work at https://georgesilberschatz.com/

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